KENDA, residing in Cardenal #28, Colonia Morelos. C.P. 44910, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, is responsible for collecting your personal data, the use that is given to them and their protection.

The personal data that we collect from you, whether through our website, verbally, in writing or any other electronic means, will be used to fulfill the legal or business relationship that carry out with us: the identification of you as a user and client; the sale and acquisition of the products or services offered; send you the products purchased; develop studies and programs that are necessary to determine consumption habits; carry out periodic evaluations of our products and services in order to improve their quality; evaluate the quality of the service we provide; corroborate the identity of the client to proceed with the charge of the Credit and / or Debit Card; to process the returns, where appropriate, requested by the client and to prepare the clarification letter for the bank in case the payment has been made by means of a Credit and / or Debit Card for the return to be made. of the amount in your case of the purchase. Also, for marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting purposes: inform you about the launch of new products; make recommendations to you about such products and future purchases; quality control of our products; inform you about offers and promotions send you our catalog of promotions, products and services; comments; suggestions and / or to evaluate the quality of the service we provide. For the purposes of the legal or business relationship that you carry out with us, we need to obtain the following personal data: (full name) (address) (email) (federal taxpayer registry RFC), (telephone number), (signature) (number of official identification) (date of birth) (sex), (Facebook and / or Instagram ID) and of Asset data (credit data) (bank card number) (type of account) (bank). For the purposes of marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting, the following personal data will be requested: (name) (age) (address) (email) (telephone number) (cell phone number) (sex) (date of birth) (ID of Facebook and / or Instagram) (status). KENDA, will not collect sensitive data from its customers.

You hereby declare and aware for all legal purposes, the treatment and collection of your personal data, once you have provided us with such information. Therefore, they will be treated by KENDA , under the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility in accordance with the provisions of article 6 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals.

You are informed that when returns and / or payments are made with credit and / or debit cards automatically, this information will be sent to the issuing bank of the account. Likewise, we inform you KENDA , you may transfer your personal data when the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between KENDA and you. The foregoing for the purposes established in the second paragraph of this privacy notice.

In order for you to limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, we offer you the following means: Your registration in the Public Registry to Avoid Advertising, which is in charge of the Attorney General’s Office Federal del Consumidor, in order that your personal data is not used to receive advertising or promotions from companies of goods or services. For more information about this registry, you can consult the PROFECO Internet portal, or contact it directly.

Also, you can limit the use and disclosure of your personal information to express your refusal to continue receiving communications or for marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting purposes by KENDA , through the following means: by sending an email to the following email address: or through our website

If you use our Internet page, we inform you that we can use “cookies” (text files stored on your hard drive, when browsing an Internet page, which allow remind the Internet server of some data about this user, such as their preferred and visited web pages, date and time of entry, IP address, as well as the duration of the session), this information can only be used for statistical purposes and quality control of the site, which you can disable directly through your computer’s configuration mechanisms.

KENDA reserves the right to modify the terms of this notice at any time, in case of any change, it will be made known to you through a email or by posting on our website

If you consider that your right to protection of personal data has been violated by any conduct of our employees or our actions or responses, or you presume that In the processing of your personal data there is any violation of the provisions set forth in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, you may file the corresponding complaint or complaint with the Federal Institute for Access to Information IFAI. For more information visit:

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