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Leather sole and eva. Upper 100% leather. The “eva” material, is a foamy like sheet that helps your foot mold to the sandal and increases comfort. Rubber heel pad for grip.

As we hand-make every pair of sandals please wait 1-2 weeks for you order to be ready.

Additional Information


As is the case with all nice leather, we recommend wiping clean with a damp cloth and treating them with love, as these sandals are made to last!


For our “half size” friends, we recommend sizing up.


If you want to personalize your sandals with your initials, please send us an email to [email protected] with your order number. We offer personalization in the leather sole of your sandals and our dustbags. Great for gifts!

Limited Edition

These sandals are Limited Edition, only 16 pairs were made in collaboration with huichol women from the Wixárica house. Each pair of sandals is unique, given that evry sandal has a different design embroidered on the.

When you buy these sandals you are helping the indigenous communities of México and supporting local craftsmanship, plus no one else will ever the same pair of sandals as you!


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