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Elephant shaped bag made of palm leaf (body) and leather (strap).

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The brand was born after a trip to Michoacán where the colors, textures and different forms of art and craft objects of the place are combined in a bag shaped animal of braided palm leaf, the perfect accessory that becomes a collectible piece.

Nayade is the magic of living, we are those frozen and unforgettable moments in our memory, those nights under the moon discovering the constellations, the first time we go skinny-dipping in a lake, kisses given by a bonfire, the songs whispered in your ear before sleep.

Our goal is that everyone who wears one of our accessories and whoever looks at it, feels transported back to those magical moments of life, so that for a few seconds we can forget the structure of life and feel that innocent joy again.

All our bags go through 5 pairs of hands before being a finished product. The palm leaf body is made in Michoacán by the marriage of artisans Alicia and Julián Ascencio, the rest of the process takes place in Guadalajara.

For each bag sold, $ 100 pesos are donated to FM4 Paso Libre, a charity that supports immigrants.


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